Infrastructure Services

Planned by an accredited engineer. Provide the company with the most stable and secure architecture. 

Project Management

Professional project management, regular assessment of project progress. Regular risk assessment. 

Consulting Services

FTB 亦會提供多樣性服務去涵蓋不同行業.

Who We Are

Every customer has different requirements. The professional team can use experience and data to evaluate your actual needs.

Professional Team

Our engineers have professional certifications in the industry. Such as Cisco, Microsoft, AWS, Google, ITIL, etc. 

Different Experience

Our engineers have dealt with cases in different industries, and have faced different challenges and requirements. We also solve them one by one for customers with professional knowledge and experience. 

Tailor-Made Services

The full coverage solutions we provide are not limited to software and hardware. We can tailor solutions according to your business needs.

Quick Response

Our team will regularly review the current SOP internally to ensure that the internal SOP keeps up with the times.

Your Worries ...

Customers’ worries are the top priority of our team. In view of this, we will assign an account manager to each customer, so that each customer has its own dedicated specialist to handle different requirements. 


We have always encouraged our employees to continue to update their knowledge in the industry to make the processing of each solution more flexible. In this way, we can achieve various considerations and give customers the best experience. 

Our Services, not limited to ...

Let's us show you our Successful Cases

International five-star chain hotel - DataCenter Relocation

Our team has assisted international chain five-star hotels in the data center migration. The difficulty lies in the orderly migration of various hardware and systems to new locations within a specified and limited time to match the hotel's 7×24 operations.

Financial Industry - Telephone System Upgrade

The Cisco-certified engineers from our team are in charge of upgrading the customer's IP phone system of more than 500 units. The process includes project management, risk management, and network architecture. 

Opening Project

By understanding the needs of customers and then providing a plan that fits the direction of the customer’s business, it will greatly reduce the troubles of the customer during the preparation. You can concentrate on more things. 

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